Monthly Archives: August 2014

Hi there. Since I’ve gotten this blog back up and running, I thought I might show you my home site. It’s called “Steve’s AH Place”, and is about a year old.

The story behind this site actually started, when I began to desire to find a way to store my stories and stuff, in a way that could not only preserve them online, but also leave them accessible enough so people could offer feedback on them, and a forum layout seemed to be the best idea to put that on paper. However, though, I eventually realized that this site had potential to not just be a great place to store my writings, but also a nice spot for people to hang out and chill in general. So I turned it into a genuine forum.

While the site does focus on Alternate History, you can talk about whatever’s on your mind, really. There’s special sections for video game discussion, literature(including comics, too.), TV, films, etc. There’s also a board where folks can roleplay(Shared Worlds), and an area for fanfiction(of any kind), as well. And even a place where one is free to discuss the wildest scenarios they can possibly think of(the “Alien Space Bats” forum). Not to mention a place to talk about real history, too.

And, of course, General Discussion is the place to be for general stuff, as with nearly every other forum out there.

Last but not least, there is the place where I keep all of my writings, “Steve’s Original AH Works”(a few of these stories, like “Stars & Stripes”, “La Tierra Afortunada”, etc. were featured in another post on this blog).

For those of you folks who prefer to lurk a while once you’ve found a new site, don’t worry! Guests are free to comment on just about any portion of the site, without having to sign up. And in fact, guests are encouraged to leave comments on the “Original AH Works” board.

So here’s a link to the site in general:

Or, if you’d like to go straight to the area where I keep my stuff:

And the general AH section:

Well, alright, I suppose that’s it for now. I hope you enjoy my site! =)