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Hey there, again! Sorry for the long wait in updates.

Anyway, I may have mentioned that I’ve written a few of my own stories, am I right? Well, for those interested, I’ll go ahead and give you a brief overview of my TLs and link them.

Stars & Stripes

This is basically my “flagship” timeline. It starts with a small change in 1805, but, unlike most other TLs, utilizes a “multiple POD” effect. As of 1820, this timeline features a slightly different Napoleonic Wars, an earlier (and shorter) Mexican revolution, and an alternate take on OTL’s War of 1812. And, btw, there’s no Embargo Act, either….but the legislation that was supposed to be replaced by it IOTL, remains, and gets worse, prompting some rather disgruntled Yankees to make noises of their own…..

La Tierra Afortunada

Anybody ever take a look at Mexico’s real world history and notice just how darn unlucky they’ve been? From the insanities of *two* long-lived dictators, the foibles and foul-ups of *two* would-be emperors, and the Drug Wars of the modern era, not to mention just plain off-and-on misery all around, from mind-boggling political corruption, to the truly astonishing amounts of poverty in places, Mexico just hasn’t had it too good. This timeline, however, seeks to change that. It starts out with, and get this, a young lawyer with abolitionist sympathies from New England gets bitten by the proverbial pioneer bug, and, with several dozen like-minded individuals, finds himself deep in the heart of Texas. Meanwhile, the ongoing “cold” conflict between Texas and Antonio de Santa Anna’s Mexico turns hot after a couple of OTL events turn out worse than in the real world, and a real conflict breaks out ITTL, and one that eventually draws the concern of America, and one run by former Jacksonian buddy now turned rival, Martin Van Buren.

A Nation, Divided

I haven’t quite been able to do much with this one yet, but as the title implies(more specifically, it’s original full title was “A Nation, Divided: The Price of War And Freedom, or How I Learned to Love the Decades of Secession(and Cotton!)”.), it’s about a divided America. The divisions between North and South will start earlier, and will have their origins in several different factors; chief amongst them will be earlier industrialization in the South, as well as the butterflying of the original Louisiana Purchase(John Adams won in 1796 here), which delays westward American settlement by some twenty years. I can’t really describe much else in detail, but I can give you hints as to where this TL is headed:

1. Haiti is going to turn out *quite* a bit better than it did in our world.

2. The South eventually does break off successfully, and initially has literally everything due south of the Ohio River.

3. Delaware begins gradual manumission of slaves in 1825.

4. The War of 1812 equivalent, when it does occur, isn’t likely to be quite the same conflict as it was in our world.

5. There isn’t going to be quite an equivalent of the Napoleonic Wars, as there was in our world.

6. Slavery ends earlier in the U.S. as a whole(I’ll go ahead and reveal the year: 1852), as there’s no plantation lobbyists to worry about.

7. Watch out for an alternate Republic of Texas sometime in the late 1820s, early 1830s…..

8. And yes, the U.S. does still get California and environs.

So, really, that’s about it for now, I guess. Thanks for reading! =)

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